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Combined with our leading agriculture retail network, we are able to meet the needs of a growing world.


Geographically located in the lush Lam Vien plateau of Vietnam, YD International Co., Ltd. (YD) was established based on the exploitation of the region’s advantages. We has developed a network of farmers’ households to create a large raw material area and control output quality, trade and export agricultural products such as fruits and herbal tea which are famous in the region.
Additionally, our company invests in
fertilizer production with a partner's factory in Ho Chi Minh City, ready to OEM according to customer requirements worldwide. The convenient location helps quick and convenient procurement, processing, transportation - distribution - export.


YD focuses on developing the international market, with the desire to introduce high-quality Vietnamese products to the world, while supporting agriculture in general and Vietnamese farmers in particular.


Best service

We provide 24/7 support via our hotline and are committed to optimizing our production and transportation processes.

Ready to change

We are devoted to updating our knowledge and listening to all feedback.

Extensive network

We collaborate with many strong and experienced partners to ensure optimal production quantity, quality and flexibility.


Our focused products

We provide our customers with agricultural solutions, including nutrients, crop protection products, and natural products to help solve the global food shortage issue and assist growers around the world in feeding the future.

Herb Plants
  • Fertilizer: Our main exported products included specialized NPK Fertilizer (Complete Fertilizer), Organic Fertilizer and Foliar, especially for fruit, rice, vegetables, and other industrial crops. Our company has gained a strong reputation and established ourelf as one of the best agricultural suppliers in Vietnam, with a large economic scale and significant support for national agriculture. 

Tropical Fruits
  • Fruits: We have experience in exporting fruits, especially dragon fruit. To ensure the supply of pure flavors and uniqueness, each type of fruit is grown and exported seasonally.

Green Orchard
  • Herbal tea: YD specializes in trading and exporting teas made from Artichoke - recognized for its benefits such as lowering cholesterol and detoxifying the live, and Noni - considered by Koreans to be a miracle fruit that supports health. Our carefully selected partners possess large planting areas and factories with high productivity. We have a strict production process and strict quality control from input to output. Our factory is always in a clean, methodical state and ready to welcome customers at any time.

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